Who is hiding behind glass?

It may not be easy to find out. Look closely at the picture. Every detail is important. It may take a while to find it. Can you do it?

spiral bird Angel

If you do not know the correct answer, look at the result. Take your time and then select the answer below the picture.

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What number is in the picture?

What advice do 2 angels want to give you in the future?

Which actor is behind the glass?

What is the correct result?

What numbers do you see?

Ask Margita the fortune teller and she'll show you a card

I'll lay out three cards. In a word, they show you what's coming.

Two angels are coming with advice for the future just for you. Do you want to hear it?

Ask a question and I'll answer it.

Adriana is reading from your book of destiny. What did she read in the book?

The angel knows your future and wants to tell you. Will you let him?

The future in this necklace will show you what you're up against