Which line is longer?

Do you have good eyesight? Do you see well and do you know the correct answer?

1 2 Both are the same length

Illusions would be divided into several categories. For example, subjective or optical illusions. Usually we see something that is not in the picture at all.

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What lies beneath the three cards?

An angel has sent a message to your heart! Do you know what message?

Look inside the magic ring! Can you see your future?

What piece of paper with your future did the fortune teller pull out?

The cards are clear! We have a very urgent message for you!

What advice do 2 angels want to give you in the future?

One card. Two words. Priceless advice.

Can you calculate it?

Fortune teller Sofia has a big secret for you about your destiny!

I'm Viama the fortune teller and today I want to tell you if you're in for a good or bad time

Looking for an answer to an important question? Angelika the fortune teller will give you the answer now.

What is hidden for you under the three golden acorns? Open them!