What number is missing?

Did the teachers teach you to count at school? Take a good look at this picture. Every detail is important. Are you ready? Then choose your answer and you will immediately find out if it is the right result. Concentrate properly.

Your reply

20 31 41 66 85

If you do not know the correct answer, look at the result below the picture. Take your time and then choose the answer below the picture.

Your friends are just watching

Who's behind the glass?

Which line is longer?

What would you add instead of a question mark?

Who is behind the glass?

Which triangle is the lightest?

Which key unlocks the lock?

Can you calculate it?

Are the two orange circles the same size?

Which number is missing?

Are the horizontal lines straight or crooked?

What number do you see?

Which zebra is in front? Left zebra or right zebra?